Black Powder shooters will meet on Sunday the 4th at 9 AM , weather permitting. if the weather isn't "permitting" show up anyway, we'll think of something to do.
The Highpower match will be held Sunday the 25th at 9AM. This match will be an offhand event and is open to any rifle be it service, match, or sporting.
Reminder: The indoor range will be occupied from 6:30 until 9PM Friday evenings starting February 9 through March 8th for the 4H and BV junior rimfire training. To participate you must be a 4H or Branch Valley member under eighteen years of age. The training is progressive so attendance at the beginning is important.
Note to new Branch Valley members: Memorize your rules and read the large signs posted at all the stations. If these things don't answer your questions your officers and directors can and will. If you wonder whether or not something is allowed, it probably ain't.
Shoot safely or not at all,

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