Good February everyone. Lets hope we have the majority of the cold and snow behind us??
If you remember a few months ago I wrote in this column about the use of drones to recover downed deer? I also mentioned that it is illegal to use the drones on state game lands.
Well it happened... the game commission set up a sting operation to nab a drone recovery company helping a client search for his deer. The Chester county man that owns and operates the business is being charged. His penalties: fines, up to three months in jail and they seized his $10,000 drone if convicted.
How could he think of breaking such an important law?

For myself, I have gone to great lengths to find wounded animals, as we all have, and if need be, I would hire a drone operator. Seem like the right thing to do.
Now on the opposite side of the coin, Pa. State Senator Jarrett Coleman, is introducing a bill this month allowing the use of drones to recover deer. He said, "Pa Game Commission appears to be taking a hostile view of the use of drones in game recovery".
For the March meeting we will be welcoming a guest, Waterways Conservation Officer Michael Blair.

See you at the meeting.


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