Good May Members.
What a great day for the youth opener. The kids fished really hard as the trout weren't really hitting the baits at a fast and furious pace. But I must say there were some really large fish on the stringers. The smiles were as large as the fish.
For the adult opener we had the annual breakfast. I don't believe anyone walked away hungry. I must thank the kitchen staff. They were there at five am to get the meal ready. It was a well oiled machine in the back as the food kept coming out just when needed. I was looking out of the clubhouse windows and saw members getting their favorite spots before the sun was up.
Well the debate goes on and on. When do we open rifle season in the state? Saturday or go back to Monday? Well the board voted to open the season once again on Saturday. But they did publish we heard your voices, but we are doing it our way again. One good thing is they are going to continue analyzing the issue. I feel better knowing that.
On a better note they are getting some things correct. You will now be able to purchase your doe license at the same time you get your regular hunting license at the end of June over the counter.
With that I bid you farewell till next month's note.
Be sure to get a kid into the woods.

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